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I’m Shane Johnston owner, outfitter and guide. My highly professional and motivated guiding team bring to you over 20 years of quality guiding experience. I have guided many international clients throughout the mountains and waters of New Zealand on one of our many adventurous Safaris. Born and bred in these scenic wilderness areas I have thrived on the adventures of the outdoors. Hunting for a “Roaring” Red stag, climbing the Southern Alps for the Alpine Tahr or Chamois and fly fishing our crystal clear streams for trout and salmon. This is my passion along with other activities such as jet boat adventures, skiing the Southern Alps and scuba diving the coastal waters of New Zealand. My enjoyment of guiding many hunters and anglers, has given me a lifetime of memories. After returning from 6 months of adventures in Alaska in1988 and returning there September 2000 to assist on a moose hunt, and after diving the shores of Western Australia for pearl oysters & ski instructing on the slopes of Canada, I pursued a very keen interest in guiding clients throughout the wilderness outdoors of New Zealand. As the outdoors is my life, it is my pleasure to be able to share a genuine New Zealand “KIWI” experience to you, your partner & your family. The Safety and well being of my clients is my primary rule and with the high qualifications I have gained is valuable to all our clients to ensure they have a safe and successful experience with New Zealand Four Seasons Safaris. I would like to welcome you to the challenges and the beauty of the South Island of New Zealand. I take pride in my guiding and my professional guiding team.
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Take your Kids Outdoors

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Mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunties, uncles, we all have children around us, lets gets them outside and into the great outdoors. Here in New Zealand we are going into winter and we are in the middle of our hunting season.

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Hunting Season is well under way!

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The Red Stag roar began mid March and ended at the end of April, with some magnificent stags hunted, and some very happy clients. The red stag rut is always an exciting period for our hunters, there is nothing like the lion like roar bellowing out across the valley.