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So you’re coming on safari to New Zealand, why not have your adventure filmed by our professional videographer. You won’t regret taking the plunge and having your lifetime vacation captured. With years of hunting and filmmaking experience, the latest hardware, a steady hand, music, special effects and advanced software, Struan will capture every moment of your trip with Four Seasons Safaris, so you can re-live your journey with family and friends and remember it forever.

From the breath-taking scenery to the final moments of the stalk, Struan’s cinematic eye for details will create a production that captures the essence of everything New Zealand hunting is renowned for.


“Struan knows what he is doing and is almost invisible. Really professional video and editing. We have shown our hunting video to many friends (even non-hunters) who are very impressed.

He is also a great guy to have in the camp. Anyone who has the opportunity to use Struan needs to take it”.

Vickers L. Cunningham, Sr.

“Struan’s filming services were amazing! I would totally recommend this for everyone. When you are there hunting, sometimes it is hard to soak the complete experience in.

Seeing the video brings it all back again. Plus it was fun to have Struan along for the ride.”

Nancy Bearden

“I was a little worried about the filming of our hunt but once we were in the field hunting my worries were over. Struan the producer of the film was great, that guy worked twice as hard as we did hunting.

He was in the right place every time he needed to be. Struan works very hard to get you the best video you could ever want. He got all the right angles on our trip. It is one of the best hunting videos that I have in my collection. Thanks again Struan for the amazing video.”

Joe and Debbie Lauer

Film & Photography packages include:

Full Hunt Video: Approximately 40min

A cinematic high quality production edited together with music, aerial scenery and stabilized action sequences that captures your safari adventure forever. 


Highlights Hunt Video: 1 – 2min

A short action-filled video containing the true highlights of your NZ adventure.  Perfect for sharing with family and friends or posting on social media.

Professional Photography

Professionally captured action, trophy and scenery photos of your hunting safari and adventure so you don’t have to worry about missing the perfect shot.

All media is delivered in original file format on a custom Four Seasons Safaris USB Drive.

Our Videographer –
Struan Purdie


Struan has been a hunter all his life and knows what it takes to get an animal both in the rifle scope and the camera lens. His love of hunting, background in documentary film production gives him the edge and skills needed to captured the action as it unfolds.  Struan understands the necessity of silence, being un-intrusive yet capturing every detail, the importance of listening to the clients needs while delivering a high definition production that will remind you of the importance of seizing every moment. Struan truly prides himself on providing an exceptional professional filming services. 

His eye for detail sets him apart from other videographers and sees him continually seeking new ways to film and photograph his client’s adventures, which has recently led him to aerial drone cinematography. Not only will you see Struan behind the camera, he often acts as a guide for Four Seasons Safaris, drawing on his extensive hunting experience in pursuit of New Zealand’s renowned trophy animals.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your New Zealand adventure captured on film!

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