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We guarantee a successful safari      of excellence.

Our extensive and successful game management program is reflected in the exceptional size of of our big game animals hunted annually. Hunting several different properties from our very own property, to our long term lease arrangements, reassures hunters that there are many more trophy animals naturally breeding for future years to come. Hunting thousands of acres of our own ranch along with wilderness concession land, allows clients the exclusivity they deserve while on a hunting adventure with Four Seasons. The safari options are endless, with land, animals & your guide, success is just around the corner.

New Zealand at it’s finest


Hunting in our South Island of New Zealand exposes our clients to some absolutely stunning scenery, from open rolling country to the steep forested foothills that form the barrier between the plains and the spectacular snow-covered peaks of the Southern Alps. This forms the perfect habitat for some of the finest Big Game animals to be found anywhere in the world.

Our locations

1. Four Seasons Base
Red Stag, Fallow, Tahr, Chamios, Elk


2. Backridge Ranch
Reg Stag, Chamios, Elk, Fallow, Rams, Goats and Pigs


3. Tahr Camp
Tahr, Possum, Hare


4. Hunters Hills
Reg Stag, Fallow, Rams, Goats and Wallabies


5. Rotorua
Sika, Rusa and Sambar


6. Maruia
Fly fishing camp

Ways we hunt


The hunt is on…hunting in New Zealand is thoroughly enjoyable for all involved, for complete beginners to the most experienced worldwide hunters, however it can be challenging and conditions often harsh. The fitter you are, the better equipped you are, the more enjoyable and rewarding it can be. However, we will tailor a hunt to your ability and level of fitness. Our safaris encompass glassing often with binoculars & spotting scope to confirm the desired animal to get a hunt on & to do so we are hiking, or utilizing our modern 4×4 vehicles, side by side buggies, jet boats and helicopters to access prime hunting locations and stalking is carried out on foot.



With a long history of guiding bowhunters, we welcome you to experience the ultimate challenge. Feel your heart pound and the stillness in the air when you are at full draw within yards of your South Pacific trophy. Spot and stalk all New Zealand species with your choice of bow. If you have the time we have the patience! Special archery dates available. Don’t miss out!

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Red Stag




Arapawa Ram

Alpine Goat



Wild Boar

Pere David

Fly Fishing


Sika Deer

Rusa Deer

Water Buffalo

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