The Red Stag roar began mid March and ended at the end of April, with some magnificent stags hunted, and some very happy clients.

The red stag rut is always an exciting period for our hunters, there is nothing like the lion like roar bellowing out across the valley. Successful hunters have hunted several 400″- 600+” class stags. As you can see by the photo this aggressive stag has been dealing to the vines of our hunting area at Stravon. Walt Foskey hunted this stag by spot and stalk with his bow with one clean shot under 20 yards. A magnificent achievement on a wonderful stag with one very happy hunter.

Post rut, the red stags are in bachelor groups and inhabiting areas away from their female counterparts heading for the north facing slopes to feed after their enduring time spent during their rut.

At present we have hunters out hunting red stag, fallow, tahr and chamois. The fallow rut coincides with the later part of the red stag rut where we have experienced some incredible battles of fallow bucks, protecting their patch of does. We arguably have some of the largest fallow bucks of the world and these certainly don’t go unnoticed with their large moose like palmated antlers.

We have hunters at our tahr camp at present and we are certain they will be rewarded with magnificent trophies. The bulls are transitional at this time of the season, moving through the female groups before they set themselves up for the rut. Which hunters can find very high or low down on the mountains.

The Tahr and chamois have their magnificent long winter skins now and their rut will begin in another week. This is always a spectacular sight to experience, with all the body posturing of the males to there girls in the mountainous terrain where they inhabit.

Duck season opens the first weekend of May, this years opening weekend was a clear morning and the ducks were flying high. Our hunters managed to bag themselves some ducks, particularly paradise shelducks to get taxidermied to take home.

Look out for our next blog as we keep you updated as the season progresses, thank you for your interest in reading this!