Hunting in New Zealand


A list of the popular animals that are hunted on both Islands. While only some of the species can be found on the South Island because those animals live in the Mountains of the Southern Alps. 


  1. Red Deer Stag: The red deer stag’s rutting season typically occurs from late March to early April.


  1. Fallow Deer Buck: Fallow deer have their rut from late March to early May.


  1. Chamois: The rutting period for chamois is usually in May and June.


  1. Tahr: Tahr rut from late May through July.


  1. Sika Deer Stag: Sika deer’s rutting activity usually takes place in late April and May.
  2. Wapiti (Elk): Wapiti, which are similar to North American elk, have their rut from late March to early April.


  1. Sambar Deer: Sambar deer Stags rut is typically between mid-June to August.



Honorable Mentions: Wild Boar, Rusa Deer, Whitetail Deer, Wallabies, Possums, Ducks and Alpine Goats.


Keep in mind that these times can vary slightly depending on the specific region and the local climate conditions. But, in general these are very close to the time frame the rut happens.