New Zealand’s majestic Southern Alps hold some of the finest Big Game Animals to be found anywhere in the world. Four Seasons Safaris New Zealand offers fair chase Hunting safaris on exclusive privately-owned land where both record book ‘Free Range’ & ‘Game Ranch’ trophies are regularly taken. In addition we personally arrange and guide safaris into the most remote corners of New Zealand and Australia – the choice is yours.

About Wild Boar

The Wild Boar or Wild Pig (Sus Scrofa) is one of New Zealand’s most popular game animals and a regular source of meat for many local hunters. Two strains of pig combined to create New Zealand’s unique ‘Captain Cooker’, a pig named in honor of the great explorer and sea captain who was one of the first European navigators to explore New Zealand’s waters.

Here’s how it happened. Early European sailors brought European pigs into New Zealand in the 1700’s. These in turn crossbred with the smaller black pig the early Polynesians had already established here. The combination of the two quite different species has produced a unique variety. Now this tough, feral pig quite freely roams both North and South Island bush and tussock land.

A Big Boar ‘Cooker’ can weigh up 300lbs and with his razor sharp ivory tusks that can draw out to 6 inches, presents as a formidable foe to any animal, including man.

With a keen sense of smell, and good hearing, the Wild Boar is a challenging animal to hunt. Spotting and foot stalking with rifle and bow are popular, as is the traditional Kiwi method of hunting using dogs and a knife, known as pig sticking. This hunting method is not for the squeamish, as the well-trained pig dogs find the pigs, bail and hold them until the hunter comes to dispatch them with a knife. It is an adrenaline-charged hunt and the unpredictability of tangling with a Big Boar hand to hand can produce some very exciting moments.

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