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Jose Caraballo

Let me start by saying that hunting has been in my blood ever since I killed my first doe deer in the Florida Everglades back in 1965 when I was 15 years old. Many hunting seasons have come and gone but my passion for the outdoors and hunting has never gotten old. I’m a lot slower now but my adrenaline kicks on when I’m hunting.I could go on and on but to keep it short. After many hunting years in several states, Canada and Spain I decided to hunt in New Zealand after visiting it about 3 years ago. Describing this place is not easy. Heaven on earth might be close. Anyway after doing my homework visiting every single outfitter at the Dallas convention a couple of years ago it was easy to decide that Four Seasons Safaris was the place to go. They have a family base operation and meeting Shane, his wife Vanessa and son Sam at the show my decision was made. Waiting over a year for the trip was the hardest. I had my bag packed and ready to go a month in advance. My friend Mike and his family also booked with us. Unfortunately my son and his wife were suppose to go and they had my second granddaughter a week before the hunt. My wife also stayed behind helping out with the new baby. That didn’t stopped me from going and my daughter Leilani (also an avid huntress) and her daughter Sophia ( my 11 month granddaughter) joined us.
I rate this outfitter above 5 stars if I could but it stops there) I got my Tahr and stag and my daughter got a fallow deer. The memories during that week will last forever and I’m already planning to join my son when he finally makes it there.
I’ll be more than happy to share additional information with anyone planing to go to New Zealand to hunt with them. Trust me you will not be disappointed. I guaranteed it. I feel we are friends for life now.
“New Zealand “ a Little piece of heaven on earth.
Jose Caraballo

Jose Caraballo
Hunting Safaris

Monica Eldridge Carter

My husband and I looked into a New Zealand hunt for years not being able to decide which outfitter to choose. Then we met Shane at SCI and knew we had found a perfect fit for us with Four Seasons. We were with your guide for 3 weeks on our hunt. He proved to be the perfect guide for us. He went above and beyond. He has a great personality, is a pretty darn good cook, has patience, and is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. We took 7 trophies on the duration of our trip, exploring both the North and South Island. We enjoyed a helicopter ride around Mt. Cook, took a jet boat ride, meet some amazingly nice people, all the while seeing gorgeous countryside. We do at least 2 safaris a year and this quite possibly could be the best we have been on. We look forward to coming back. Thank you!

Bruce Tatarchuk

My son in law and I had a great time with Shane and the crew. This was my forth hunt with Shane so you know how I feel about him. Your guide took me to some excellent free range sika hunting on the North Island and then he got my son in law his first stag at Stravon. A great trip with great people in a beautiful locale. Bruce T

Russell Marshall

My son and I truly had a memorable experience with Four Seasons Safaris, from jet boating in the Rakaia Gorge to taking a helicopter into the Southern Alps!  We had a great hunt for tahr, chamois and red stag.  Four Seasons is 5 star in our book!

Brent Roth

I hunted Red Stag, Chamois, and Tahr with Shane at Four Seasons Safaris. I was there with my wife and 5 Children we had a wonderful experience. I was successful in harvesting all three trophies and my wife nad kids love the helicopter tours and Jet Boat Ride. Christine and Robbie were fantastic, The service was great and the food was as good as any fine restaurant. We had a great time.

Jim Drone

Four Seasons was highly recommended to me several years ago as the best outfitter in New Zeland for Red stag, tahr and chamois. I recently completed a hunt with Four Seasons and was highly impressed with attention to my desires for an exciting hunt. Every aspect of the hunt was thrilling especially the hunt for tahr in the Southern Alps. Hunters will be very pleased with Four Season.

Rayna Wortham

My husband and I hunted Red Stag on a fenced property at Stravon but it might as well have been free range because the stags could cross from other properties and could go farther than we could go. I always hear people say “Oh, well they are fenced in.  It’s like shooting fish in a barrel”  Well, it’s not.  The stags were not that easy to find even in this fenced property except for a few exceptional stags that hung around a few areas.  The stags that we were looking for were very elusive and very hard to get to.  The property was beautiful and even with a few fences, had enough cover and trees to hide the roaring bulls from sight.  When we did get close to a few of them, they had enough ground to leave in a hurry. It was as hard hunting those stags on Stravon as it is like hunting Elk in our home country of Cody, Wyoming.  The terrain was steep and required some degree of physical fitness for hunters hoping to bag a good stag. Our Guide, was outstanding.  He has a great sense of humor, didn’t push us to shoot stags that we didn’t want to and was ready to go when we found the right stag for us.  He was very kind, thoughtful and a pretty good cook.  I did have to beg him to let me wash the dishes at the cabin after he spent all day hunting with us, hauling our capes out and then cooking for us. I would recommend Four Seasons Stag hunts to anyone that has a Red Stag on their bucket list. We can’t thank them enough for their hospitality and hard work.

Jim Muschalik

Shane and his team set up an outstanding 4 day hunt for me and my 11 year old son. The hunting was simply awesome! The setting supreme. The food and lodging great. The guide did a superb job, and took extra time and patience to work with my son on his shooting, not to mention hunting some hares and possum. I would definitely hunt with Shane again and have recommended them to others. A great hunt to take the wife and/or kids along.

Rick Ramirez

Experience of a life time.

Jackie Dukes

What a great time.  Scenery, people, accomodations, food and the hunting were all wonderful.  It’s a long way to go, but worth every mile.  I  brought my wife and she had a wonderful time too.  Shane run a first class operation and will be sure that your every need is met.  Be sure to ask them about their special possum hunts too.

Jim Brownlee – Salmon, Idaho, USA

September 11, 2001, I, like so many other hunters had hiked back to a little lake in western Alaska. It was there while waiting to be picked up that I met your guide from the mainland of New Zealand. Over the next three days, living off my caribou, I listened to his stories of life in New Zealand. By the time the plane showed up, I had already put New Zealand on my ‘to do’ list.

Well; work, kids, family and all the things that take priority sidelined my trip until January 2008 when I went to my first SCI show in Reno. It was there I met Shane Johnston of Four Seasons Safaris NZ. After several visits to their booth over the next two days and driving them crazy with questions, I was convinced Four Seasons was the outfitter I would be booking my tahr and stag hunt with. Shane took plenty of time with me and we selected late May as the best time for my hunt. This time of year, the tahr had their beautiful winter coats yet the snow typically isn’t so deep it’s hard to deal with. As for the estate stags, they would be bunched up, feeding heavily and offer a fun challenge to this aging bow hunter.

May 23rd, 2009 finally arrived and I was in Christchurch about to be picked up by Shane. I had practiced my shooting daily and hiking as much as possible to be in the best shape possible, and now the excitement was really building. A short one hour drive and we were pulling into the Johnston’s beautiful home at Terrace Downs Resort.

This is a magnificent estate with beautiful homes, golf course, stables, spa, and luxury dining. What a change for a guy used to spike camps, back packs, and instant coffee. A quick change into hunting clothes, a few practice shots with my bow and off we were to one of several isolated hunting camps Four Seasons operates.

Tahr was first on our list. Our first morning into the mountains had brought rain and low level clouds throughout making visibility for glassing and spotting impossible. On most hunts you’d simply be stuck waiting on the weather to clear, but not here. We quickly packed up and with a short drive we were relocated to a beautiful valley ranch of rolling hills. It was here we would glass for that perfect stag to put a stalk on. Trophy stags were spotted throughout the day. Shane took time to educate me on the traits of the various rack configurations. Once you locate the stag of your dreams, slipping past 6 or 8 pairs of eyes and getting within archery range is much easier said than done. What a ball. After 2 days and 3 or 4 unsuccessful stalks, the weather cleared and we headed back to the Southern Alps to take advantage of the visibility. Wow ! There they were. The Southern Alps. Living in the Rocky Mountains and having visited the Brooks Range and the Canadian Rocky Mountains I can tell you the sights are incredible. Our climb started mid morning and we were spotting tahr within 1-2 hours. The first ones we saw were nannies with young. When I saw my first bull I was quite impressed, but Shane let me know he was a young 4 year old and we were looking for a mature bull of at least 6 years old. We kept climbing. A couple hours and we could see the top of the ridge we were working toward. The tahr work down from the tops to feed on the lower grasses in the afternoon. Our timing was perfect. Shane spotted a beautiful bull all puffed up putting on an incredible show in an attempt to romance one of several nannies. Like the lion king himself, he eased up on a steep ledge and continued his show. I knew I was privileged and this is why I had come to NZ. This was going to be my bull tahr. Then Shane quietly eased over to me and whispered, “He’ll be a beautiful bull next year.” Next year! Next year? Are you kidding me? “His mane isn’t quite there and his bases are typical of a 6 year old though he doesnt quite have the length of horn I know we can find. I think we can do better.” We pulled off and headed back to camp. The next morning we had received a big surprise of a good 3 ft of snow on the ground. My next surprise we were going scouting and hopefully relocating our camp via helicopter.

Awesome. The Southern Alps scenery alone viewed from the helicopter is worth the trip. When you throw in scouting and hunting it’s simply unbelievable. After 15 minutes, we had spotted several tahr moving along the steep mountain faces. Once a camp was located, Shane & I were dropped off in an adjacent drainage and we were off to locate a bull once camp was set. The first nice bull we spotted was headed directly away from us. Then there he was. A beautiful, mature bull headed down a crevice straight for us feeding in the late evening. After closing the distance, I was positioning for a shot at an upward angle of 60 or 70 degrees, my heart was pounding. With the shot, my bull stumbled and slid down the steep bank towards us, thankfully!. He was 8 years old with heavy bases, long horned tips and a mane extending below his front elbows! What an experience and I am so thankful to Shane’s experience and wisdom for pulling me off the bull tahr yesterday to get my dream tahr today. A day and a half later, we were back in the valley setting sights on a trophy stag. Stalking these huge stags with a bow is a ball. With my hunt rapidly coming to an end, Shane assured me we could keep hunting until we got on the stag we wanted. That time came just one day later, when we finally caught a beautiful, typical red stag feeding on a hillside next to thick black beech. My shot was good and the big stag only went about 40 yards. The heavy stag had 10 points on one side and due to fighting, 9 points on the other. His mass, length and symmetry brought his score well above 350”.

I stayed on the Mainland a few more days, soaking up the scenery, hospitality and excitement of NZ. Hunting with Four Seasons Safaris was a great experience in which was way beyond and above what I had anticipated. In addition to all the memories, I have some wonderful, new friends in Shane Johnston and his Four Seasons team. I’m going back.