Red Stag 390-420 Inches

::Red Stag 390-420 Inches

Red Stag 390-420 Inches

We offer packaged hunts for Red StagWapiti (Elk)TahrChamoisFallow DeerSambar DeerRusa DeerSika DeerWhitetailWild BoarGoatRam and Water Buffalo to name a few. Our Hunting Guides are highly qualified professionals with many years of guiding experience to ensure both your safety and success, while enjoying an exciting hunting experience.



By the end of March, the red stag will be in full Rut. You will see them challenging, fighting and chasing each other during the heat of the day.

`Wallowing’ This is common in most deer species where they seek out patches of muddy and water type areas to roll in a mud bath, coating their bodies and antlers to give them their own unique “musk” smell. While hunting stag, you can often smell when a Stag has been in an area. Often we can watch over these wallows to see what Stag`s are coming in during the course of the day. An exciting spectacle and quite the advantage to hunters, particularily bow hunters.

Looking at the pictures below, you can see as we step up in class these stags have more significant crowning (the top tines on each side of the main beam) with variations in the non-typical type antler configuration, with some sporting drop tines.

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