Red Stag 360-390 Inches

::Red Stag 360-390 Inches

Red Stag 360-390 Inches

We offer packaged hunts for Red StagWapiti (Elk)TahrChamoisFallow DeerSambar DeerRusa DeerSika DeerWhitetailWild BoarGoatRam and Water Buffalo to name a few. Our Hunting Guides are highly qualified professionals with many years of guiding experience to ensure both your safety and success, while enjoying an exciting hunting experience.



As we step up in a class from 360″- 390″ to this class of 360″ – 390″, you can see the photos below, the stags have more tines and additional mass and length in the antlers, which all equates to the total score of antler increase.

The Roar of the Red Stag (rut) in New Zealand usually starts around early to the middle of March as the weather starts to cool down. If we get a rain during this period, they can really get roaring early. Their Roar sounds like that of a lion (hence the name), echoing through the valleys they will “roar” out to each other as a challenge, or letting rivals know that the`patch’ they stand on, they tend to protect and look out any rivals.

A red stags habit is the exact of an elk, infact they rut during the same period here in NZ and often will interbreed… becoming a Stelk!

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