Australia… we welcome you to visit this tropical Savanna, with Euaclyptus trees and sparse grassy plains for thousands of miles. This is one of the largest untouched hunting areas, accessible only by aircraft. Let us personally Outfit and guide you to the great `Outback’ of Australia`s Northern Territory.

While hunting with us, you’ll have access to over 1 million acres of free range hunting concessions, which is the home of the wild and unpredictable Asiatic ‘Water Buffalo’, Wild Ox and Wild Boar. Water Buffalo were introduced to Australia around the start of the century as a supply for meat originating from Timor and Asia. Now they are regarded as the most dangerous of all the South Pacific’s big game animals.

The Australian water buffalo can weigh up to 2500lbs and is larger than their cousin the Cape Buffalo and the North American Buffalo.

This hunting concession holds large numbers of buffalo bulls, with some of their wide sweeping horns measuring in excess of 100+ inches. Most of our hunts are up close and personal, requiring nerves of steel and vital shot placement, so getting plenty of practice with calibers of .375 and over is highly recommended. The Buffalo Bull’s skull is very dense, around 2 inches thick, with their hides up to 1 inch thick, so theres no such thing as `too big a gun’. For those that wish to experience an adrenaline packed hunt that will have you on the edge of anticipation, this will be a must do hunt.

Most shots are at close range so this adventure will appeal to those who like to get the blood flowing. Hunts generally last for 6-10 days depending on your species and we can fly from New Caledonia, New Zealand (all 3 hr flights) or direct from the U.S.A. The hunting season is generally between the months of May – November.

The tropics of Australia can be very humid, light colours and light wearing clothing is highly recommended. Four Seasons Safaris accommodation is a purpose built lodge with running hot and cold water, generator power with a balcony over looking the river. With time allowing we can also spend a day fishing for Australia`s premier sportfish the `Barramundi’. Australia’s Northern Territory is a wildlife playground, where you can step back in time on your safari down under.

Photo Gallery of Hunting in Australia