New Zealand’s majestic Southern Alps hold some of the finest Big Game Animals to be found anywhere in the world. Four Seasons Safaris New Zealand offers fair chase Hunting safaris on exclusive privately-owned land where both record book ‘Free Range’ & ‘Game Ranch’ trophies are regularly taken. In addition we personally arrange and guide safaris into the most remote corners of New Zealand and Australia – the choice is yours.

Four Seasons Safaris New Zealand

Because we hunt year round, your South Pacific family or group vacation may also include skiing for the non-hunting members of your party. Remember, Mt Hutt, one of the country’s premier ski areas, is right at our door, with the ski season running from June-October. The main trophy hunting period is from March to September. The ‘Roar’ is in full swing and the stags with their impressive antlers are out chasing the hinds during March and April.

Hunting in our South Island exposes our clients to some absolutely stunning scenery, from open rolling country, to the steep forested foothills that form the barrier between the plains and the spectacular snow-covered peaks of the Southern Alps. This forms the perfect habitat for our South Pacific game animals and available for the hunters of the world to enjoy. Don’t forget your cameras.

Hunting in New Zealand can be challenging and conditions often harsh. The fitter you are, the more enjoyable and rewarding it can be. However, we will tailor a hunt to your ability and level of fitness. Our safaris use 4×4 vehicles, polaris rangers, jet boats and helicopters to access prime hunting locations and stalking is carried out on foot.

Non-hunting partners can join us on the hunt if they wish, or we can arrange an unlimited number of alternative activities for them, from sightseeing to skiing in-season in the mountain range that towers above the resort where your ouftitter is based ‘Terrace Downs’.

We offer packaged hunts for Red StagWapiti (Elk)TahrChamoisFallow DeerSambar DeerRusa DeerSika DeerWhitetailWild BoarGoatRam and Water Buffalo to name a few. Our Hunting Guides are highly qualified professionals with many years of guiding experience to ensure both your safety and success, while enjoying an exciting hunting experience.

The opportunities are endless, simply tell us how much time you have, what you wish to do and target and let us customise a safari for you, we recommend you fill out our Request a Quote form, we will get back to you with some more information and a detailed quote or please feel free to Contact us today to discuss your requirements (see FAQs) and we will cater a package that suits your needs!


Four Seasons Safaris offer our hunting and fishing clients a large range of accommodation options. Luxury resort chalets, condominium apartments and a fully catered guesthouse are the options while you are on your hunting vacation with us.

In the field we use several different hunting cabins throughout New Zealand for the various species hunted. Ranch-style farm stays and tented spike camps are often used on the very top of the mountains. Some ‘hard core’ hunters may even choose a sleeping bag or bivvy under the stars for the alpine hunts. The choices are many and up to the individual hunter.

Photo Gallery of Accommodation