Shackleton's Cabin

(Shared Bathroom, Shower, Flush Toilet, Fireplace, Meals.)    

 The Mountain cabin is in the hunters hills range. This stay is for the more adventurous group looking to get away from the paved roads and into the jungle. At this location you will jump in a 4×4 side by side, and take a hour trek deep into the mountain side, and stay amongst the animals you will be hunting. This cabin is beautifully placed sitting perpendicular from a picturesque waterfall. This is an experience in the hills with the amenities of home. Warm comfortable beds, hot shower, flushing toilet, and home cooked meals. Expect to hear the roars of a stag as you rest your head on a pillow for the night. 

The Luxury Guest house is a lovely abode right on Terrace Downs golf course walking distance from your outfitters base. Each room has a private ensuite bathroom, kind size beds, with private patio overlooking neighboring sheep farm. Gather in the lounge where you will feel the warmth of an open fire as you enjoy your favorite beverage while you reminisce on the days activities. Your host Robert and Christine Koller will look after you during your stay at the Guest house. Robi is an award winning chef from Switzerland, and his gourmet cuisine is second to none. 

The Luxury Guest House

(Wi-fi, Meals, Private Bathrooms, Laundry, TV, Fireplace.)

The Stone Hut

(Fireplace, Meals, Bed, Roof.)

The Stone hut will bring you back to the early 1900s. For the daring hunters looking to foot hunt the Tahr and Chamois we have an option for a primitive accommodation. Candles and a fire place to light the room in the evening and meals prepared on an open flame. It is a dirt floor hut that has been around since the early 1900s. If you are looking for a rugged experience ask about staying in our stone hut for a few nights. There is no running water, no bathrooms, just a warm fire, cot style beds, and roof over your head. This is a experience that some people live for.

Additional accommodations are available upon request.